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Fall 2024 Applications Are Now Open

Why Global Bible College and Seminary?

History and Mission


Global Bible College and Seminary, Inc.,  (GBCS) has a rich history of providing biblical education to individuals worldwide. Our story begins in 2009 when our founder, Dr. Rose White Brown, envisioned a platform for men and women globally who shared a deep desire to learn about the Bible. This vision led to the establishment of Global Bible College and Seminary, an institution dedicated to providing accessible, quality biblical education to a diverse and global student body.

Incorporated in 2015, Global Bible College and Seminary, Inc. was built upon the foundation of faith, scholarship, and service. The college aimed to prepare individuals not just academically but also spiritually and ethically. Our unwavering commitment to these principles has allowed us to grow and evolve over the years.


In 2021, GBCS reached a significant milestone by earning accreditation under the National Accrediting Agency of Private Theological Institutions (NAAPTI). This accreditation reflects our dedication to maintaining high academic standards and providing our students with the best possible education.

Chancellor's Message

Dr. Rose White Brown, Founder and Chancellor





As the founder and Chancellor of GBCS, I want to extend a warm welcome to all our current and prospective students. I am deeply passionate about sharing the transformative power of biblical education and spiritual growth. The journey of faith and knowledge is a lifelong one, and I am thrilled that you've chosen to take it with us.

GBCS stands as a testament to the incredible journey we've undertaken since our inception in 2009. Our mission is to empower individuals to explore their faith, deepen their understanding of the Bible, and equip themselves to make a positive impact on the world. With our recent accreditation from NAAPTI, we are committed more than ever to upholding the highest academic and ethical standards.


Our programs are designed to be accessible, flexible, and engaging. No matter where you are in the world, you can be a part of our global community, united by a shared purpose. I am excited to see the diverse and dynamic group of students who have chosen Global University as their academic home.


Thank you for considering GBCS for your biblical education journey. Our team of dedicated faculty, staff, and I are here to support you as you take the next steps toward academic and spiritual growth.


Dr. Rose White Brown Founder and Chancellor

Upcoming Events

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