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Credit Hours:                      12 per certificate program

Cost Per Credit Hour:   $  50.00 per credit hour

Total Tuition:                      $450.00

Christian Leadership Certificate


  • Christian Leadership I - 3
  • Christian Leadership II - 3
  • Christian Leadership III - 3

Total Credit Hours - 9


Course Descriptions 

Christian Leadership I

This self-study guide and workbook assists you in becoming a spiritual leader and will show you how to gain experience, sensitivity, faith, and ability to relate to people in a caring and motivational manner. You’ll learn how to develop sensitivity to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, understand the need for a Godly lifestyle, encourage others, and deepen the roots of your ministry in a vital relationship with God. It will help you to move into a deeper dimension to enjoy the spiritual riches of God as revealed in His Word.

Christian Leadership II

By studying the lives of hundreds of historical, biblical, and contemporary leaders, you will learn the six stages of leadership development to help you determine where you are in the process. You will the process of inner-life growth, ministry maturing, guidance and other multiphase processes, life maturing process, and the challenge of leadership.

Christian Leadership III

The magnetism of Martin Luther King Jr., Cicero’s ability to captivate an audience with his eloquence, the connection Will Rogers made with the common man,… all of these leaders used the 21 Laws of Leadership. Through enlightening discussion, this course illustrates how these 21 key principles have been at work throughout history. Learn from the great General Robert E. Lee why the Law of Respect is so important when leading mean into battle. Let the story of the Donner Party’s failed expedition demonstrate the significance of the Law of Navigation. These laws have been tested by history, and students will learn how to test them too.

Christian Counseling Certificate


  • Christian Counseling, I - 3
  • Christian Counseling II - 3
  • Family Counseling - 3

Total Credit Hours-9

Course Descriptions

 Christian Counseling, I

This course guides and trains you to handle difficult issues, from church and crisis counseling, to personal issues, such as anxiety, depression, anger, etc.… You will also learn how to counsel for developmental issues from adolescence to the later years, as well as impersonal issues, such as sex apart from marriage to homosexuality to violence and abuse.

Christian Counseling II

Continuing from Part I, this course picks up to learning how to counsel issues such as identity (inferiority and self-esteem, physical illness, singleness), family (from premarital to divorce and remarriage), and other issues. You will cover various topics such as mental disorders, alcoholism, addictions, financial counseling, spiritual issues, and even counseling the counselor.

Family Counseling

Studying how to become wise and compassionate, you will be guided from intake and assessment to treatment planning. You will learn the nuts and bolts of specific interventions, the nuances of establishing therapeutic relationships, and how to troubleshoot when treatment gets “stuck”. With vivid case examples, sample forms, and quick reference tables this course will enhance your skills in family counseling.



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Total Tuition Cost $450 - $50 per credit hour

Payment Plan 1:  4 months @ 112.50

Payment Plan 2:  10 months @ 45

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Credit Hours: 32

Cost Per Credit Hour: $35

Total Tuition: $1,120

Program: Diploma in Biblical 



Life of Christ                                4
Understanding Your Bible           4
Faith                                            4
Old Testament Survey 1              4
Old Testament Survey 2              4
New Testament Survey 1             4
New Testament Survey 2             4
Bible Doctrine                              4

Total Credit Hours-32

Course Descriptions

Life of Christ

Learn the life of Christ in chronological harmony. You will learn about each of the four gospels, and their backgrounds. Each of the Gospels is introduced individually, however, and its unique contribution is consistently recognized throughout this course.

Understanding Your Bible

Have you ever felt like you can’t make sense out of the Bible, but wished you could? Starting from scratch, this course presents the general rules for reading the bible’s ordinary language and moves on to specific principles that apply to special types of language such as parables, figures of speech, Hebrew poetry, and symbols.

Spiritual Warfare

You will explore the three arenas of spiritual warfare that the maturing Christian will face: the mind, the church, and the heavenly places. This course will provide insight, wisdom, and discernment on the nature of the battle, and the keys to victory.


Believers will find new resources for understanding the Bible and applying biblical themes to their day-to-day lives to help renew their faith. This course offers a thorough and balanced understanding of key themes of the bible, and how to keep one’s faith during troubled times. By studying the themes of the books, these interactive studies offer individuals a new perspective of the Bible’s message.

Old Testament Survey

In this study, you will understand the pattern, unity, or progression of the Old Testament, and how stories like Moses, Noah, and David fit together. Dr. Benware offers a chronological approach to give you a bird’s-eye view of the Old Testament, while his book-by-book analysis reveals important details and emphases.

New Testament Survey

Understanding the essential information around the anticipation, institution, and fulfillment of the new covenant is vital for any Christian. This course goes through the 27 New Testament books to study the chronological order of the life of Christ, a look at political forces and ideologies of the first-century Roman world, and a glimpse into the intertestamental periods.

Bible Doctrine

Beginning with a chapter on how to study Bible doctrine, this course provides you with studies and analyses of thirty important doctrines. Divine revelations, Christ, the Holy Spirit, angels, grace, peace, etc.… Not only are these topics fascinating but understanding them correctly is indispensable for spiritual stability and fruitful Christian living.

Christian Leadership

Believers will find new resources for understanding the Bible and applying biblical themes to their day-to-day lives. This course offers a thorough and balanced understanding of key themes of the bible, and what it means to become a leader. By studying the themes of the books, these interactive studies offer individuals a new perspective of the Bible’s message and how to become a leader in Christ.

Religious Cults

Cults and various religions are not hard to find. They are in your neighborhoods, the workplace, local schools, and maybe in your family. Chances are you’ve encountered at least one person in your lifetime who is a member of a cult. This course gives you the knowledge to discuss the critical differences between Christianity, the teachings of Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, Scientology, and many other religions and cults.

Christian Ethics

Evaluate the contemporary ethical options (such as antinomianism, situation ethics, and legalism) and pressing issues of the day (such as euthanasia, homosexuality, and divorce) from a biblical perspective. Learn about various topics such as:  animal rights, sexual ethics, and the biblical basis for ethical decisions, abortion, biomedical ethics, war, etc. and how to deal with these issues as a Christian.


Total Tuition $1,120

Payment Plan 1:  3 payments @ $374

Payment Plan 2:  6 payments @ 187

Payment Plan 3:  10 payments @ 112


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