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Master of Theology

A graduate-level program for those seeking advanced knowledge in theology and biblical studies.

  • Duration: 2 years

  • Total Credit Hours: 36

  • Cost per Credit Hour: $135

Courses:  (MTh)

  1. MTh-101: Advanced Biblical Studies

  2. MTh-102: Theological Research and Writing

  3. MTh-103: Christian Ethics and Contemporary Issues

  4. MTh-201: Advanced New Testament Studies

  5. MTh-202: Advanced Old Testament Studies

  6. MTh-203: Systematic Theology

  7. MTh-204: Church History and Historical Theology

  8. MTh-301: Theological and Pastoral Counseling

  9. MTh-302: Advanced Biblical Languages

  10. MTh-303: Leadership and Ministry in a Changing World

  11. MTh-304: Theology and Culture

  12. MTh-401: Theology and Apologetics

  13. MTh-501: Thesis or Capstone Project

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