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Life Coach Certification

The Life Coach Certification Program at Global University is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective life coaches. Our program provides a comprehensive understanding of life coaching principles, techniques, and ethical standards. Whether you are looking to start a career as a life coach or enhance your existing coaching skills, this program offers valuable insights and practical training.

  • Duration: 6 weeks

  • Total Program Cost: $499.00

Course List for the Life Coach Certification Program:

  1. LCCP-101: Introduction to Life CoachingThis foundational course provides an introduction to the principles and practices of life coaching. Students will explore the core competencies of coaching and its applications.

  2. LCCP-102: Effective Communication in Life CoachingEffective communication is at the heart of coaching. This course focuses on communication skills, active listening, and building rapport with clients.

  3. LCCP-103: Goal Setting and Action PlanningHelping clients set and achieve goals is a fundamental aspect of coaching. This course covers the goal-setting process, action planning, and accountability.

  4. LCCP-104: Motivation and Positive PsychologyUnderstanding human motivation and positive psychology is key to effective coaching. This course explores motivation theories and techniques to inspire positive change.

  5. LCCP-105: Ethical Practices in Life CoachingEthical standards are vital in coaching. This course addresses ethical considerations, confidentiality, and professional conduct for life coaches.

  6. LCCP-106: Assessment and Feedback in CoachingCoaches often use assessments to gain insights into their clients. This course covers assessment tools and providing constructive feedback.

  7. LCCP-107: Coaching Special PopulationsDifferent clients may have unique needs. This course explores coaching approaches for special populations, such as teens, couples, or professionals.

  8. LCCP-108: Building Your Coaching PracticeLaunching and growing a coaching practice requires business acumen. This course covers marketing, client acquisition, and business management for coaches.

  9. LCCP-109: Final Certification and Practical ExperienceIn this final course, students will apply their knowledge through practical coaching experience. Successful completion leads to certification as a life coach.

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