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Bachelor of Theology

A program that delves deeper into theological studies, equipping students to explore complex theological concepts.

  • Duration: 4 years

  • Total Credit Hours: 120

  • Cost per Credit Hour: $110


  1. BIB-101: Bible Survey I

  2. CD-101: Christian Doctrine I

  3. CL-101: Christian Living I

  4. ENG-101: English Composition I

  5. BIB-102: Bible Survey II

  6. CD-102: Christian Doctrine II

  7. CL-102: Christian Living II

  8. ENG-102: English Composition II

  9. BIB-103: Biblical Interpretation I

  10. CL-103: Introduction to Christian Leadership

  11. BIB-201: Old Testament Survey

  12. BIB-202: New Testament Survey

  13. CH-201: Church History I

  14. BIB-203: Life of Christ

  15. BIB-204: Acts of the Apostles

  16. CH-202: Church History II

  17. BIB-205: Introduction to Biblical Languages

  18. CL-201: Christian Leadership and Ethics

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