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Associate of Biblical Studies

A foundational program that provides a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and its teachings.

  • Duration:  2 years

  • Credit Hours:  60

  • Cost per credit hour:  $75

Year 1:

  1. Introduction to the Old TestamentAn overview of the books, history, and themes of the Old Testament.

  2. Introduction to the New TestamentA study of the books, teachings, and history of the New Testament.

  3. Biblical HermeneuticsExploring the principles and methods of interpreting the Bible.

  4. Biblical History and GeographyUnderstanding the historical context and geographical settings of biblical events.

  5. Christian TheologyIntroduction to core Christian doctrines and beliefs.

Year 2:

  1. Life of ChristA detailed examination of the life, teachings, and ministry of Jesus Christ.

  2. Biblical EthicsExploring ethical issues and moral principles in the Bible.

  3. Biblical LanguagesIntroduction to Biblical Hebrew and Greek.

  4. Church HistoryA study of the history of Christianity from the early church to the present day.

  5. Christian ApologeticsDefending the Christian faith through reasoned arguments.

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