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Academy of Apostles & Prophets

Our specialized departments include the Academy of Apostles and Prophets, the Academy of Evangelists, and the Academy for Pastors and Teachers. These academies provide focused training and spiritual growth for individuals in these specific callings.

  • Duration: 6 months

  • Total Credit Hours: 12

  • Cost per Credit Hour: $45

The Academy of Apostles and Prophets Courses:

  1. AP-101: Foundations of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry

  2. AP-102: Prophetic Gifts and Prophesying

  3. AP-103: Apostolic Ministry and Church Planting

  4. AP-201: Interpreting and Applying Prophecy

  5. AP-202: Apostolic Leadership and Spiritual Authority

  6. AP-203: Prophetic Worship and Arts

  7. AP-301: The Role of Apostles and Prophets in Modern Ministry

  8. AP-302: Deliverance Ministry and Spiritual Warfare

  9. AP-303: Revival and Church Transformation

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