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Continuing Education Classes
Beginning January 2021


Biblical Economics teaches what the Bible instructs regarding the proper handling of money.  This course will give students an indepth look into stewardship.

Duration:  10 weeks

Cost:  $150.00

Living in the Secret Place comes from Psalm 91 and describes a spiritual hiding place located under the shadow of Almighty God.  There you can be safe and secure no matter what the curcumstances you are experiencing in your life, your home, your ministry, on the jog, or in your nation.  It is a spiritual place that all believers can access, a secure habitation where you can abide continually.

Duration:  8 weeks

Cost:  $99.00

This course teaches the eternal purpose of God and what we do that is consistent with His purpose.  Pastors and lay members will find this class beneficial in understanding how each one can promote God's Eternal Purpose so that we can be assured that all of heaven's resources will be available to us.

Duration:  10 weeks

Cost:  $99.00


This course is a 8 week course looking at man's condition outside God and understanding salvation.  In it students will learn about repentance, baptisms, authority of the believer, overcoming temptation and more.  

Duration:  8 weeks

Cost:  $99.00


Hermeneutics, also known as Interpreting the Scriptures is an indepth study as it relates to foundations for biblical study, principles, speech, symbols, types, parables, narratives and prophecy.  Students will take from this course the application of interpreting the Bible accurately.

Duration:  12 weeks

Cost:  $150.00



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